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Asking for help

If you’re asking for R help, reporting a bug, or requesting a new feature, you’re more likely to succeed if you include a good reproducible example, which is precisely what the reprex package is built for. You can learn more about reprex, along with other tips on how to help others help you in the help section.

Where to ask

Now that you’ve made a reprex, you need to share it in an appropriate forum. Here are some options:

  • This is a warm and welcoming place to ask any questions you might have about tidymodels or more generally about modeling, machine learning, and deep learning. (You can also ask questions about the tidyverse and RStudio there, too!)

  • Stack Overflow. You’re probably already familiar with Stack Overflow from googling; it’s a frequent source of answers to coding related questions. Asking a question on Stack Overflow can be intimidating, but if you’ve taken the time to create a reprex, you’re much more likely to get a useful answer. Make sure to tag your question with r and tidymodels so that the right people are more likely to see it.

  • Twitter and Mastodon. These sites are great places to share a link to your reprex that’s hosted elsewhere! The #rstats twitter and #rstats fosstodon communities are extremely friendly and active, and have great crowds to be a part of. Make sure you tag your tweet with #rstats and #tidymodels.

  • If you think you’ve found a bug, please follow the instructions for filing an issue on contributing to tidymodels.


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